Strengthen your DNS with fast DNS Anycast

Use the capacity of our DNS servers in Prague and elsewhere in the world.

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How DNS Anycast service can help your business?

The more smartly distributed DNS servers around the world you use, the faster responses to client’s requests and the less likely it is that the domain will be taken out of service in the event of an accident or attack. Make your domain fast, invulnerable, and protected against DNS flood DDoS attacks and mitigation.

Where to place new servers?

Not sure where to place new name servers to achieve the highest efficiency possible? Start with our ADAM (Advanced DNS Analytics and Measurements) services.

Current server location in the world

LocationDNS serversBandwidth*Guaranteed QPSLocal peering partner
Prague, CZE3020050 000 000NIX.CZ
Bratislava, SVK1102 000 000NIX.SK
London, GBR3305 000 000LINX
Frankfurt, GER3205 000 000DE-CIX
Wien, AUT3115 000 000VIX
Milan, ITA3105 000 000MIX
Stockholm, SWE111 2 000 000Netnod IX
Seattle, USA35020 000 000SIX
Reston, USA1202 000 000LINX
Sao Paolo, BRA3115 000 000IX-BR
Singapore, SGP1112 000 000SGIX

* Sum of Local peering bandwidth and IP transit bandwidth (in Gbps).

There is a possibility of increasing server capacity in current locations as well as commissioning of new locations around the world according to the client's needs.

High platform diversity of the infrastructure

The name servers have different DNS server or routing daemon implementations and run on different operating systems. Likewise, the network infrastructure in individual locations is based on devices from different manufacturers.

How are clients satisfied with DNS Anycast

"The ability to work with multiple independent DNS service providers is important from the point of view of ensuring the security and resilience of our registry. We are glad that the CZ.NIC association has become one of the members of our global DNS network partners and we look forward to further cooperation."

Build your DNS with us

Do our DNS anycast options sound good to you? Whether you already know exactly what you need, or you prefer to figure it out together, the first step is to get in touch.

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