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What can ADAM help you with

Are you one of those organizations that works with big data and doesn't take full advantage of it? Let us analyze your DNS traffic or help you do it yourself very professionally. Deciding what to focus on in your business will suddenly become easy.

High-performance and configurable software probe

The probe is able to process DNS traffic in real time. The data in the C-DNS format can be saved on a local disk or directly transferred to a remote location using an encrypted connection.

Clean visualisation

Graphic outputs are understandable even for non-technicians.

Outputs from ADAM can also be published directly online and may be interactive. As an example, see the DNS traffic analysis for .CZ.

Other features

ADAM as a whole offers way more than just plain data collection.

How are clients satisfied with ADAM

"DENIC is using dns-probe of the ADAM toolstack for processing packet files out of DNS data. This is necessary for a running Big Data project. Besides KNOT DNS, working with CZ.NIC is very productive and straight forward also regarding ADAM. Every issue DENIC and CZ.NIC investigated together was processed professionally and fixed very quickly. Communication has always been direct, fast and friendly, and we appreciate that very much."

Tailor-made solutions

We understand that the area, depth and period of the analyses our clients require may vary and we are able to adjust it perfectly.

Other products

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Domain Registry

Software tool with our support or operation of a whole registry of any size.

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DNS Software

DNS Software

Operation of authoritative DNS servers through our software.

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DNS Anycast

DNS Anycast

Monitoring and evaluation of DNS traffic, detection of DNS infrastructure weaknesses.

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