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Top-level domain name registry software

After 15+ years of development, we are happy to offer a domain registry management software you can rely on. We can help with the migration and operation of the registry and adapt FRED according both to your specific and also ICANN's requirements.

User friendly administration

Thanks to our modern GUI, your data administration will be a piece of cake.

Well known worldwide

FRED is already implemented in many registries around the globe.

200 registry-changing operations per second*

High performance together with easy scalability ensures longer HW and SW life cycle allowing for seamless growth of the registry in the future.

Other features

We're working hard to make FRED offer all the features you could need.
But it's all up to you which ones you decide to use.

Who else uses FRED

How are clients satisfied with FRED

"A good CZ.NIC reputation in the field of software development and many advantages of FRED has led us to choose FRED software for running our .ar domain registry among other options. The first installation of FRED and data migration took us only 3 months. We especially appreciate the stability and accuracy of the software and a very good level of support. Another FRED advantage is its modularity and many available features – we are also considering using the registry lock, duplicate contact merger or automated keyset management."

FRED as a service

We can take full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the domain registry. In such cases, the price will be determined on the basis of a detailed analysis of operational requirements and expected migration costs.

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