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High performance DNS

Are you a TLD registry or DNS operator looking for a way to increase speed, stability, security, and resilience of the DNS system? Are you looking for an alternative of BIND or other similar software? Knot DNS should definitely be a part of your software collection. It can be used both as a primary and a secondary DNS server.

Au­to­mat­ic DNSSEC sign­ing

Knot DNS supports automatic DNSSEC validation for static zones. If you want to increase security, you can use Knot DNS only as a DNSSEC signer. In this case, new domains will be checked on our servers.

Multiplied performance by XDP

Our XDP (eXpress Data Path) technology for Linux extracts up to 10× higher performance from current hardware by passing packets from the network card directly to the DNS daemon.

Other features

Knot DNS offers a wide range of features from the essential to the advanced ones.

How are clients satisfied with Knot DNS

"DENIC eG has been using Knot DNS since January 2019. The Zone Signing team chose Knot DNS because it provides modern key management features and excellent design for container usage. Additionally, it's a product with a broad user community, and the feedback of RIPE for the usage as a signing software was pretty good. On the other hand, the DNS Operations team was searching for an additional authoritative high performance nameserver for selected nameserver locations serving the .de zone. Knot DNS met their expectations. All in all, DENIC is completely satisfied with Knot DNS because the software is easy to use, with highest performance and stability."

"Knot DNS is powerful yet easy to configure authoritative DNS server. The DNSSEC signing engine built in is second to none when comparing features and performance. Best of all, the support behind Knot DNS is excellent."

Who else uses Knot DNS

Priority support options

Leave nothing to chance. Several levels of our commercial support program offer very short response and resolution time, priority development, etc. Or ask for the "DNSSEC signer service" only.

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